GTN Aero 3.0 Speedsuit LD Women

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GTN Aero 3.0 Tri Women's Speedsuit is on of the world's fastest triathlon suits. Developed by Trimtex in collaboration with professional triathletes and engineers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim. The suit's materials provide the perfect combination of aerodynamics and optimal hydrodynamics. The suit has a snug fit and includes a number of high-quality technical features so that you can move freely, while still feeling comfortable.

•   The padding is adapted for long-distance (LD)
•   Innovative and uncompromised top model
•   Developed in collaboration with NTNU and professional athletes
•   Quick-drying, breathable and elastic materials
•   Long zipper at the front
•   New solutions ensure reduced friction
•   Extreme fit

World record in the 70.3 distance

The suit has been tested in a wind tunnel at NTNU and is demonstrated as the world's fastest triathlon suit in the 70.3 distance. Kristian Blummenfeldt set a world record in 2019 with a time of 3:25:21. The record still stands.

The suit provides a superb fit and the materials have been perfected through testing at NTNU. Among other features, it has a golf ball structure on the shoulders and a stripe structure on the thighs. The materials are faster than skin, and therefore the suit has additional length on the arms and thighs.

The suit has been developed in collaboration with several well-known world-class athletes, such as reigning Olympic - and world champion Kristian Blummenfelt, winner of an Olympic silver medal Lisa Nordén and 5 times world champion Craig Alexander.


Focus on function and comfort

The triathlon suit has all the necessary functions for a triathlete.

• It is easy to put on and take off, and is made with quick-drying, breathable and elastic materials to ensure a perfect fit while swimming, cycling and running.

• The suit has a long zipper at the front for ventilation purposes, and also a split at the front which makes it aero when you ride a bike as well as comfortable when running. The zipper has a protective panel at the back to avoid friction.

• An anti-slip band at the bottom of the thigh keeps the suit in place. The long sleeves also ensure an amazing, friction reduced fit.

• The padding is self-developed in collaboration with Italian Elastic Interface, and is adapted for middle to long distance. It provides good protection while biking, as well as comfort when running. The padding's stitching makes it very comfortable as well as flexible.

• The elastic collar edging provides a soft fit around the neck area.

• The back pocket includes two elastic inputs, one on each side, which ensures easy access to bars and gels.

• Polyester and elastane make this aerodynamic triathlon suit both durable and comfortable. The suit is designed not to feel restrictive in any area, and the materials provide optimal hydrodynamics.

The suit is an excellent fit for a high level of activity and triathlon competitions. It has an extremely tight fit and is designed to give a snug and comfortable fit. 

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